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Oratorium is an association for social advancement that aims to provide financial support to the apostolate and many initiatives proposed by the Fathers in the Congregation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Rome. Reaching well beyond the walls of the Capital city of Italy, such activities offer young people, artists, students, and workers a full development of the person that follows the teachings of Saint Philip Neri. Oratorium financially supports and promotes the artistic and musical heritage of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Rome, of which the Congregation is custodian.

Furthermore, by means of its activities, Oratorium works to spread a culture of study, work, and art as privileged places for the fulfillment of each person’s potential and the service to the wider society. Committed to guarantee the safeguard and promotion of the arts and local traditions, as well as to sustain and produce new forms of artistic and cultural expression, Oratorium follows the charisma of the Oratory, from which it springs with consistent continuity and novelty.


To pursue its objectives, the Association avails itself of the voluntary help of its associates and the generous support of all those who recognize in this work by the disciples of Saint Philip Neri an important contribution to the diffusion of culture in the city of Rome, seen as a privileged, unique place for the achievement of its constitutive goals and in line with the Saint of Joy’s explicit conviction that “whoever does good in Rome does good to all and to all the world”.


The activities we support and realise are:


Educational meetings (Cinque Passi, Sette Chiese)



Book publishing and presenting
After-school activity and study

Promotion of Art and Culture

Concerts (Oratorio in musica, Concerti Spirituali)

Guided tours in historical and artistic sites  (guided tours of the Saint Maria in Vallicella church

and of the Rooms of Saint Philip Neri)

Support to young artists
Artistic and theatrical productions
Support and promotion of the artistic and musical heritage of the Oratory

Charitable work

Sunday lunch with the poors in our neighbourhood
Assistance to people in the vegetative state
Assistance to detained  people

Oratorium, la comunità di tutti_5x1000

Oratorium, la comunità di tutti_5x1000
Oratorium, la comunità di tutti_5x1000

Oratorium, la comunità di tutti_5x1000

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Oratorium, la missione artistica_5x1000

Oratorium, la missione artistica_5x1000

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Oratorium, chi fa bene a Roma..._5x1000

Oratorium, chi fa bene a Roma..._5x1000

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